Text Box: Utility Skinner  3-1/4” Blade 
Text Box: Kestrel

Thin Tactical/Skinner 3-3/4” Blade

Text Box: Prairie Falcon
Text Box: Skinner & Camp Knife 3-3/4” Blade

Black Bear

Text Box: Utility Hunter 4” Blade   	
Text Box: Osprey

Tactical Knife  4” Blade   


Tactical Knife   4-1/2” Blade



Rugged Elegant Blades


Ochs Sherworx


Hunt/Tactical  5” Blade


Cutlass Chopper  10-1/2” Blade 

Text Box: EDU Boot knife 3-1/8” Blade 
Text Box: Coyote
Text Box: Skinner & EDU 3-1/8” Blade 
Text Box: Stine’s Hill

EDU Tactical Multi tool  2” Blade

Text Box: Otter
Text Box: Clip Point Tactical Skinner 
4” Blade
Text Box: Shark

Tactical/EDU  3-3/8” Blade


Camp Knife Chopper  8” Blade


Text Box: Tactical/Camp Knife  4-3/4” Blade 
Text Box: Orca

Tactical Tanto  6” Blade


Text Box: Tactical Fighter  6” Blade


Tactical Fighter  7” Blade

Text Box: Panther
Text Box: Makhaira Chopper Fighter
12-1/8” Blade 
Text Box: Recon Tiger

Big Blades (over 6”)

Kitchen Blades

Fixed Blades

Text Box: General Slicing  5-7/8” Blade 
Text Box: Chef Utility

Variation of Santuko 6” Blade

Text Box: Ergo Santoku

Slice/Dice/Mince  5-1/2” & 6-5/8” Blade

Made with Pride in

Sherwood, Oregon


Blades listed by blade cutting edge length roughly smallest to largest.    ** No longer taking orders **